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Skidrow Penthouse is looking for writing and art informed by environmental and moral collapse; disturbing, saddened work inhabited with obscure species and misunderstood people; work that’s keenly aware of the infinities in a single object and the scattered worlds between falling wires of rain. No adjective/adverb haters. No sermons on Eros. No disciples of Bukowski. No finger-wagging pedants demanding obedience to metrical ennui. No one afraid of their own mangled music. Be broken yet fearless. Narrate what is troubling to the timid among us. Trust the beautiful and hellish expanses of your dream-infested typing hands.

We are accepting e-mail submissions at ladybugmilitia (at) gmail.com

Currently, we are also looking for art that reproduces well in black and white. Due to our 6 x 9 format we prefer portrait orientations as opposed to landscapes.

Send all images as jpegs to ladybugmilitia (at) gmail.com



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